Diesel Repair And Service In Riverside Ca

Professional Diesel Repair in Riverside Ca

expert diesel repair in riverside caAt Platinum Diesel, we offer complete diesel repair in Riverside Ca for engine service, and complete in-house fuel injection pump and injector rebuilding drive in service. We provide our valuable customers a one stop-shop diagnosis and diesel repair facility.

If you need a Riverside diesel repair shop that offer complete engine, turbo, fuel system, and injection pump service please contact us. We don’t just replace parts! That’s the easy way out that so many auto mechanics take because they are not diesel experts.

Since we have diesel mechanics on our team, we will actually analyze potential problems and offer alternative strategies to repair your diesel engine and optimize performance. In fact, we can offer suggestions on custom fuel supply systems, performance turbo upgrades, and injection pumps.

Offering Mobile Diesel Mechanic For Riverside Ca

We now that getting stuck on the road is no fun at all, that’s why at Platinum Diesel we offer mobile mechanic services for Riverside, Corona, and Orange County. The faster you get your vehicle repaired, the faster you can get back to work or play.

Since we are centrally located near the 91 and 15 freeway, our mobile mechanic services ensure we can reach you on any of Southern California freeways.